Our Top 5 Summer Honeybrew Cocktail Recipes

Our Top 5 Summer Honeybrew Cocktail Recipes

Summer is finally here! As you plan your next weekend getaway and enjoy some much-needed downtime sitting poolside, you'll need a delicious Honeybrew cocktail by your side!

We're here to walk you through five ways to use Honeybrew in cocktails all summer long!

Let's take a closer look:

Benefits of Honeybrew in Cocktails

Honeybrew is the perfect go-to to have stocked up in your fridge. This effervescent alcoholic beverage contains authentic Jun culture, local honey, and organic botanicals. It's also jam-packed with enzymes, phytonutrients, and probiotics - so you can feel good about every sip.

Each Honeybrew we have has a unique flavor profile that will add an uplifting touch to your favorite summer cocktails. Whether you're looking for something sweet, floral, or fruity - Honeybrew is the perfect must-have for creating a delicious summer drink for you, your friends, and your family. 

Five Summer Honeybrew Cocktails

Recipe 1: Hibiscus Mojito 

Tangy, tart, and floral meets refreshing summer vibes. Our Hibiscus Mojito is a flavorful summer drink with an unforgettable taste. If you love the taste of a classic Mojito and you're looking for a delightfully refreshing buzz. 

The best part? You only need three ingredients.

  • 1 ½ Cup White Rum
  • 10 Fresh Mint
  • 1/2 Cup Hibiscus Honeybrew
    • The key to getting that refreshing taste you know and love from a mojito is to muddle the mint at the bottom of your glass before adding your Hibiscus Honeybrew and white rum. This will help release some of the flavors found in mint. We recommend topping with candied Hibiscus flowers to add a sweet touch to this Honeybrew cocktail. 

      Recipe 2: Bee’s Knees

      honey-inspired summer cocktail!

      To know what all the buzz is about - you need to sip on a classic honey-inspired summer cocktail! It wouldn't be a Leaf & Hive favorite if we didn't have at least one Bees' Knees on the list. A Bee's Knees is an Austrlian-born cocktail that's bright, citrusy, and crisp. It's the go-to for gin lovers looking for a refreshing, flavorful summer drink to sip on while sitting near the pool or at a BBQ. 

      Here's our take on a classic Bee’s Knees:

    • 2 oz Gin
    • Top off with Lavender Honeybrew
    • 1 oz Lavender Bitters
    • Lemon Zest
      • Our Lavender Honeybrew contains a flavorful blend of lavender, lemongrass, and other botanicals. Adding hints of lavender to a classic Bee's Knees adds a floral yet delicate taste - creating a refreshing summer cocktail you can make at home. 

        Recipe 3: Spicy Honey Lime Margarita 

        Spicy Honey Lime Margarita

        No matter what day of the week it is... Every summer needs at least one margarita night! Margaritas are a crowd favorite. It's the perfect go-to summer cocktail when you host a get-together, pool party, or BBQ. 

        Here's what you'll need for this summer cocktail recipe: 

      • Limes
      • Jalapenos
      • Chili Lime Seasoning
      • 2 oz Tequila Blanco (Silver)
      • Top off with House Honeybrew
        • Our House Honeybrew features earthy notes of honey and green tea. It's the perfect complement to the smooth, semi-sweet agave taste of tequila. Don't forget to top it off with a fresh squeeze of lime!

          Recipe 4: Honey Orange Cocktail

          Honey Orange Cocktail

          Sweet, citrusy, and full of flavor. Our Honey Orange Cocktail is one of our favorite summer cocktail recipes. It's easy to make and jam-packed with flavors that complement one another. 

          Here's what you'll need. 

        • 2oz Vodka
        • 1/2 oz Lime Juice
        • Cinnamon Sticks
        • Top off With House Honeybrew
          • If you want to get fancy - you can burn the cinnamon sticks over the glass before pouring your Honeybrew cocktail into the cup. 

            To do this - light a cinnamon stick on fire and place it on a plate. Put the cup over the cinnamon stick and let it sit for 2-3 minutes. This will help release the aromatic cinnamon smoke (and is a great party trick if you want to show off with your friends!)

            Receipt 5: Hibiscus & Strawberry Cocktail

            Hibiscus & Strawberry Cocktail

            A refreshing drink for a day in the sun. This Honeybrew summer drink is everything a refreshing summer cocktail should be. It's fresh, tart, and fruity. 

            Here's what you'll need for this summer cocktail:

          • 1 oz Club Soda
          • 2 oz Hibiscus Honeybrew
          • 2 oz of vodka
          • Strawberries for Garnish
            • If you like your drink fruity or sweet, we recommend muddling the strawberries at the bottom of the cup. The strawberries will expertly complement the flavor of vodka and hibiscus, creating a refreshing beverage perfect for the warm summer weather. 

              Tips for Creating Honeybrew Cocktails

              • Measure with Your Heart: The beauty of making your summer cocktails is to add as much Honeybrew to the drink as you want.
              • Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone: Whether you're strictly a tequila, vodka, or rum person - don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and explore different flavor profiles; you never know... you might discover your new favorite summer cocktail recipe. 
              • Don't Forget The Garnish: The garnish is there for more than looks. Whether it's strawberries or mint - these added ingredients add flavor you won't want to miss out on. 
              • Explore Different Honeybrews: Each Honeybrew we have has a different distinct taste and flavor profile. You can test out different flavors in any of the cocktails above.
              • Invest in the Glasses: Whether it's a margarita glass or a highball - the glasses make all the difference to the presentation. While it may not impact the taste, it will definitely improve the experience! 

              Get Buzzed This Summer With Honeybrew

              Ready to take your summer buzz to the next level? Our Lavender, Hibiscus, and House Honeybrew are all available to purchase online. Each flavor brings a distinct, memorable taste to your favorite summer cocktail recipes. 

              If you're in the Sante Fe, New Mexico area - swing by this summer to get a taste of one of our Honeybrew cocktails.

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