About Leaf & Hive

Probiotic alchoholic beverages are an emerging industry and we at Leaf & Hive Brewery stand at the forefront in the Southwest. We are, by nature, the definition of artisanal brewing: Leaf & Hive is not bound by any traditional guidelines and ingredients, just our own creativity and passion to finding new flavor profiles with a unique apporach.
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Our Story:

“Love. Compassion. Gratitude. Forgiveness.” We live by this mantra, because deep down, on a soul level, that’s what we’re all seeking.
These are the energetic attributes that help us along in any life circumstance. They ease the flow without throwing us out of balance.
So, as two brothers on our karmic journeys, we found ourselves asking – how can we spread more of this energy to the world? How can amplify the energetics of love, compassion, gratitude and forgiveness far and wide?
Then we met Jun, our ancient wise sage of a probiotic culture. She was ready to take on those energetics with grace. So we began singing our mantra into the brewing operation. Turns out, you can taste the love.
We call the result, Honeybrew, a healthy, effervescent, alcoholic beverage that opens hearts and lifts the vibe. Let’s spread that energy into drinking culture, creating an uplifting drinking experience.
Let’s help one another evolve. Let’s have fun doing it. The Evolution of Drinking… oh, what a beautiful buzz!

Our Values:

EVOLUTIONARY: Our innovative brewing practices bring a modern spin to an ancient health wonder, what we call, The Evolution of Drinking.
INTEGRITY: We operate consciously, and with integrity in every aspect of our business, from who we are, to how we do business, from bees to bottle.
FUN: Drinking should be FUN. Ever wonder if you could drink, feel good and have fun all at the same time? Our probiotic brews offer gut health benefits that keep the experience positive.
HEALTH: We go beyond gut health into whole body, mind and spirit wellness by sourcing premium ingredients, curating robust cultures, and providing essential probiotics, with your wellbeing top of mind.
LOVE: As a family operation, this has always been a labor of love. We thoughtfully curate, brew and bottle with brotherly love infused into every step along the way, bringing fun and wellness to our community. Honeybrew is a heart opener.

Why We Brew:

While Kombucha has taken off in recent years, its ancient sister culture, Jun, is rarely cultivated and studied in the west. Revered for 5,000 years in Tibet for its potent healing qualities, Jun contains the world’s most beneficial probiotics and creates a delicious alcoholic brew.
Our Honeybrew has a flavor and feeling unlike any alcohol we’ve ever tasted. From the delicate taste to the inspired inebriation, it just feels different.
Modern drinking culture can feel heavy and unhealthy. It can shut people down. Honeybrew opens people up.
The Honeybrew buzz is healthy, creative, sophisticated and uplifting. It’s great for the gut and the spirit. As experts in the art of Jun, we aim to spread knowledge of this ancient health wonder while providing cultured good times.

Brand Philosophy:

When you put something into your body, you’re making a decision to take on the energetic attributes of whatever you’re consuming. We believe that a little intention goes a long way in shifting the vibe of food and drink. So, we infuse “Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Forgiveness” and the finest organic, sustainably-sourced herbs and botanicals into Honeybrew.
We aim to introduce old world wisdom of a healthy and uplifting beverage into modern drinking culture.
Drinking should feel good. Drinking should be fun. Experience The Evolution of Drinking… oh, what a beautiful buzz!


About The Lucas Brothers:


Hailing from Santa Fe, founders and brewers, Fred and Andrew Lucas, come from a big family with 6 kids and a whole lot of love.
Jun Maestro, Fred, credits the Lucas family in bringing him to the 4 energetic attributes that make up the Leaf & Hive mantra, “Love, Compassion, Gratitude, Forgiveness,” because the family is a living, breathing expression of these attributes.
As Brew Wizard, Andrew, mastered the brewing operation, he added “Peace” to the mantra. Because who can’t use a little more peace along the journey?
These good-natured, down to earth brothers are all about bringing consciousness and culture to the masses through divinely inspired libations.
They look forward to transforming the alcohol industry and drinking culture into a more healthy and uplifting experience; what they call, The Evolution of Drinking.
Fred and Andrew own and operate The Brew Lab, Leaf & Hive’s brick and mortar brewery, and the heart and soul of the company (next door to Meow Wolf in Santa Fe). The Brew Lab is a vibe den for connection, celebration, community arts and culture.


Meet the Brothers

Jun Maestro Fred

Fred’s background is in nutrition consulting and natural food production. He’s knowledgable and passionate about crafting Jun and delicious bean to bar chocolate. Fred’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit is fed by the opportunity to bring the greatest good to the broadest audience possible. You can find him contemplating the karmic cycles of life while sipping on Honeybrew at the Brew Lab.

Brew Wizard Andrew

Andrew brings the party to life. As conductor of the Leaf & Hive social circus, Andrew’s creative, positive and peaceful energy is infectious. Between world travels and outdoor adventures you can find him dancing at live music or stirring the Honeybrew cauldron as our Brew Wizard in the Brew Lab.